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Product FunctionCharacteristics of Antenna Attitude Surveyors

The antenna attitude measuring instrument replaces the traditional measuring instrument, and the antenna attitude measuring instrument is divided into many kinds. There are different series for different venues. The product functions and characteristics between them are not very different. After all, they belong to the same tool. Today's small editor to talk about the product features and features.
Features of Antenna Attitude Surveyor Products
I: Product Functions
1, antenna attitude parameter test
The FTA antenna attitude tester has all antenna attitude parameter test functions such as azimuth, pitch angle, rolling angle, hanging height, Latitude and longitude. It also has physical information such as antenna manufacturers, models, and electronic inclinations.
2, ground test
Adopt professional NAME GPS chip, detect ground latitude and longitude, altitude information, ensure data accuracy.
3, wireless information
At the same time, testing wireless ginseng in the main area/neighboring area, such as LAC, CID, etc., can compare with the existing base station information of the mobile Capital Management system, help to verify the data in the capital management database, correct errors in time, and support automatic matching through base station information.
4, calibration
Intelligent calibration, check communication module, sensor module, GPS module information.
5, smart task
Implement multi-channel docking with the data management platform and upload it as GPRS WIFI; The data management platform regularly and timely issues different types of tasks to achieve seamless connection between the tester and the background.
The FTA-40 also has high-end features: automatic acquisition of ginseng on the 2G/3G / 4G network, Band, EARFCN, PCI, Downlink Bandwidth, RSRRP, RSRQ, SNR, etc.. The antenna measurement task takes only 4 steps; It also supports the automatic switching and locking function of GSM/TD-SCDMA / TDD-LTE networks. Taking the TDD-LTE network as an example, it supports ENB_ID, TAC, ECI, signal strength, frequency points and other important parameters.
II. Product characteristics
1, based on the large icon and Humanized operation interface, convenient and the operation on the tower
2, support photo shooting, rendering, 2G/3G / 4G antenna information measurement
3, support "in the network mode" and "engineering mode" two modes, the engineering mode is applicable to the construction of Yuxin base station and the antenna information collection at the opening station, when the network mode is applicable to the inspection station and the later test maintenance use
4, built-in professional GPS, magnetometer, barometer sensor, etc..
Wide range of applications to support multiple operator networks, supporting various antenna parameters testing
6, measurement efficiency, simplicity: electronic one-hand operation of one-key testing, automatic storage, one-key upload, data synchronization one-time recording of azimuth, height, Latitude, longitude, wireless parameters, etc..
7, three defense military design, the smallest volume antenna attitude tester on the market is equipped with a safe hand rope and safety package, using the IP-68 three defense grades with waterproof, fall, dust protection, is the best tool for field operations
8, support multi-channel upload(GPRS WIFI), send test task
9, electronic data management, prevent site test data fraud, eliminate artificial errors, improve test accuracy
10, lightweight, equipped with military bags and ropes to ensure the safety of meters / personnel


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