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Importance of Antenna Engineerings

Antenna data has always been a very important data, generally used antenna attitude measurement to measure data, then Antenna data for the network coverage of what importance?

The main parameters of the base station antenna are height, pitch angle, azimuth angle and position. These parameters have a decisive influence on the electromagnetic coverage of the base station. Therefore, the correctness of antenna parameters has important significance in network planning and network optimization.

(1) Antenna height

The antenna height is directly related to the coverage of the base station. Its impact mainly includes the following aspects:

1) Uneven traffic. If the base station antenna is too high, the coverage of the base station will be too large, resulting in a large amount of traffic for the base station, and the adjacent base station will be covered by the base station because of the small coverage and the small amount of traffic, and it will not be able to play its due role., resulting in unbalanced traffic.

2) Interference in the system. Too high a base station antenna will cause radio signal interference in the station, causing loss of words, serial conversations, and large noises, which will lead to a decrease in the quality of the entire wireless communication network.

3) Island effect. The island effect is the problem of base station coverage. When the base station covers special terrain such as large water surface or mountainous areas, due to the reflection of the water surface or mountain peak, the base station appears at a distance on the basis of the original coverage. "Enclave", The adjacent base stations that have a switching relationship can not be covered due to the blocking of the terrain. This results in no switching relationship between the "enclave" and the adjacent base stations, and the "enclave" therefore becomes an island. When the phone occupies the signal of the "enclave" coverage area, it is easy to lose words because there is no switching relationship.

(2) Antenna pitch angle

Antenna pitch angle is an important issue in network planning and optimization. Selecting the appropriate pitch angle can make the electromagnetic wave overlapping from the antenna to the boundary of the cell and the electromagnetic wave energy of the surrounding cell as small as possible, so that the signal interference between the cell is minimized. In addition, selecting the appropriate coverage can make the actual coverage of the base station the same as the expected design scope, and at the same time strengthen the signal strength of the coverage area.

Too small pitch angle will cause the actual coverage of the base station to be larger than expected, resulting in cross-coverage between the cell and the cell, the adjacent switching relationship is chaotic, and the signal interference in the system is serious. On the other hand, if the pitch angle of the antenna is large, the actual coverage range of the base station will be smaller than expected, resulting in a signal blind or weak area between the cell. At the same time, it is easy to change the shape of the antenna direction diagram(such as from a pear-shaped to a spindle-shaped), resulting in serious system interference. Therefore, the reasonable setting of pitch angle is the basic guarantee of the quality of the whole mobile communication network.

(3) Antenna azimuth

The antenna azimuth is very important to the quality of mobile communication network. On the one hand, accurate azimuth can ensure the actual coverage of the base station is the same as expected, and ensure the operation quality of the entire network; On the other hand, according to the specific situation of the traffic volume or network, the azimuth angle can be adjusted to optimize the existing mobile communication network.

If there is deviation in azimuth setting of base station antenna, it is easy to cause the actual coverage of base station is inconsistent with the design, and the coverage range of base station is unreasonable, which leads to some same frequency and lead frequency interference that the image is not enough.

(4), antenna position:

1) Initial layout of base station

Base station layout is mainly restricted by three factors: field coverage, traffic density distribution and station construction conditions. For large and medium-sized cities in general, the field coverage is limited by two factors: the density distribution and the conditions of the station. The density of base station layout corresponds to the distribution of traffic density.

2) Site Selection and Survey

After completing the initial layout of the base station, the network planning engineer must, together with the construction unit and the relevant engineering design unit, select and survey the site according to the site layout map. After the primary election is completed, the network planning engineer, the engineering design unit and the construction unit conduct an on-site survey to determine whether the site conditions meet the requirements for the construction of the station and determine the site plan.

After several years of rapid development, the network size and number of users of domestic wireless communication operators have grown rapidly. With the intensification of market competition, the quality of mobile communication network is a powerful guarantee to further develop users and reduce the rate of users leaving the network. It has become a key factor to determine the competitiveness of operators.

The factors affecting the quality of mobile communication networks can be divided into three categories: the rationality of network planning, the performance quality of network equipment, and the engineering quality of on-site construction. Among these three factors, the data of the base station antenna is the most basic element. The measurement of the data is the most basic work in the construction, maintenance and optimization of the communication base station antenna. It can only be done efficiently and accurately on the basis of a complete and reliable network planning and network optimization.

The antenna attitude measuring instrument changes the traditional measurement data, it is more accurate, more simple and convenient.


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